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19th Oct 2012, 10:44 AM
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Public Service Announcement
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Shelby Criswell 19th of October 2012 edit delete
Shelby Criswell
When I was drawing Awkward Shelby holding a picture of me, it reminded me of that Nickelback song, "Photograph" and now that is stuck in my head.

Kill me now.
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Taylor 31st of October 2012 edit delete reply
Ugh, I love the way you draw stuff, and I love your comics! I'm actually doing a research paper on blogs for my Advances Composition class (analyzing them, and such.) And I'm using yours as an example of a comic blog! So hopefully my paper will get you a few new fans!
Shelby Criswell 31st of October 2012 edit delete reply
Shelby Criswell
Oh goodness! Thank you so much. That's super rad.
esorkitteh 6th of November 2012 edit delete reply
I likes the dancing Shelby and also the whole page format - cheerio!