Human Being

19th Apr 2013, 3:59 PM
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Human Being
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Shelby Criswell 19th of April 2013 edit delete
Shelby Criswell
Despite my silly shirt, this is a serious matter. If I get one more hateful-sounding message concerning the gender of Awkward Shelby, I am going to explode. For the thousandth time, Awkward Shelby is a girl. She’s androgynous meaning that she has both male and female attributes while she still belongs to one sex.

But that doesn’t matter.

Gender doesn’t matter. The way Awkward Shelby is drawn doesn’t matter. The way someone chooses to dress or identify, act, or change their body is none of your business. People do what makes them feel good and if you have a problem with it, then you can just leave.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dressed in masculine clothing. Even to this day, I get confused as male. It doesn’t bother me. People act very defensive and sorry when they accidentally use the wrong pronoun when conversing with me. I don’t mind. It’s not a shame to be male.

My favorite quote concerning this sort of thing is from Iggy Pop:

“I’m not ashamed to dress “like a woman” because I don’t think it’s shameful to be a woman.”
It’s okay to wear dresses and nail polish if you’re male. And It’s okay not to.

It’s okay to wear suits and ties if you’re a female. And it’s okay not to.

It’s okay to identify as male, female, both, or neither.

It’s okay to change. If one day you feel like wearing high heels, go for it. And the next day you feel like growing a mustache, go for it.

It’s okay to be yourself, whoever you are.

Awkward Shelby is a safe zone for people of all genders, sexualities, races, color, heights, weights, etc. Awkward Shelby is a real person that accepts everyone. If you have a problem with anything that was said here, then you can bug off. Just close down this webpage and don’t open it again until you feel like accepting everyone.

Thank you,

Shelby Criswell

AKA. Awkward Shelby
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Zoe 19th of April 2013 edit delete reply
I love everything you just said.
TheSmilingPsycho 27th of June 2013 edit delete reply
Well said!