Six Whole Months

19th Dec 2012, 8:51 AM
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Six Whole Months
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Shelby Criswell 19th of December 2012 edit delete
Shelby Criswell
Wow, six whole months of Awkward Shelby in my life.

Ever since June 20th, it's felt like I have had a whole other personality to deal with everyday. I see, hear, smell, taste, and touch certain things and I think to myself, "I wonder how Awkward Shelby would react to this?" or "How would this bee viewed in the eyes of Awkward Shelby?"

It's weird to create something small and watch it grow to be something you never intended it to be. I've never really finished anything in my life. It seems every project I've ever began, I've never fully finished. With Awkward Shelby, just getting past the first month was a big deal for me. It felt like I was actually doing something with myself, even if it did just start as a thing to keep me busy during the summer.

Awkward Shelby has grown into a full blown person in my mind. I feel like I am her, but then again I am not. It's hard to explain that, but I guess that's where I feel like I have finished something huge in my life. They say really good writers and artists are able to visualize their characters in their mind, talk to them, feel their every emotion, and so on. I feel like I have accomplished that because not a day goes by that Awkward Shelby isn't tapping on my shoulder to tell me an idea or ranting about toilet paper or something silly.

After gaining over 6,000 viewers from seven different countries on three different websites and 40,000+ views, I can only imagine what is in store for Awkward Shelby and I in the future. But all of this is thanks to y'all: the readers. If I had no audience, I would just be having a three-way conversation with myself. If that were so, I might be locked up in a padded cell with a straight jacket by now.

But really, thank you guys for reading, advertising, liking, sharing, commenting, buying merch, talking about it, dancing, eating,... okay wait I got off track. Anyway, thank y'all so so sooo much from the bottom of my heart for all of your support. I love all of you.

-Shelby Criswell
(aka Awkward Shelby)
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